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I am grasping at the funny straws

2004-12-28 & 9:29 p.m.

Oh dear blog/diary/journal/whatever the hell you are...I have been neglecting you so. I really have. It seems that when you have someone to talk to everyday who will actually listen and talk back to you, you really don't have to update a blog 35 times a day because you have so much to say. Now when I sit down to write I feel repetitive and banal. I hate feeling banal. I feel at all times like I should be highly entertaining and I get disappointed at my lack of entertainment value. I can be amusing as hell sometimes and other times, I am grasping at the funny straws. And somethings like, only walking on the dark grey tiles at the Seattle Tacoma International Airport is really only amusing in person. Or really it isn't that amusing when you are a smaller person whose legs aren't long enough to accomplish the large jump from tile to tile but the person who you are at the Seattle International Airport with is jumping from tile to tile like a crazy woman wearing a too small backpack on her back. Oh if only my humor was appreciated by the many rather than the few.
In other random unrelated news, I find I have a thing for blondes. All of my Lesbian Laminated List is blonde or a version of blonde. Granted, some of them may not be natural but I find them irresistably hot anyways.
1)Emily Saliers, my first lesbian crush ever....god what that woman's voice does to this girl....*sigh* (HA!)
2) Ellen DeGeneres, who is SO NOT dating Portia DeRossi....I am in denial....please do not mention it to me. Thank you. But anyways heaven help me when Ellen starts dancing. I think I get heart palpitations.
3) Stevie Nicks, others think she hasn't aged well but I severely disagree. I have Buckingham Nicks on my wall framed and she was gorgeous then and I am watching the Live in Boston show on DVD and I think I drooled a little.
In more other unrelated random news, did I mention I got a car? I didn't. Well, HEY guess what? I got a new car. Yes I did.
*Pause* I have to do Stevie's "Say You Will" dance....
Okay anyways, I got a new car. It is a Hyundai Accent Hatchback. It is a white 2005. Now I have a bone to pick with automobile maufacturers...I do not understand the fact that it is 2005 but I have a cassette tape player and to get a CD player (albiet a crappy one) from you would cost me 1000 more but yet I can go to Best Buy and get one for 200 bucks with satellite radio and everything. What is up with that? I mean really. And...I have to manually roll down my window? I haven't had to do that since like 1985. PUHLEASE. Nevertheless, I really love my little car. I can mess it up and not annoy soon to be ex husband. I proudly placed my Indigo Girls bumper sticker on it the night I drove it home from the dealership. The rainbow strip was soon to follow. I am now officially a cliche. YES!

Lyrical o' the day: (God I be obsessed with this song lately.)
"Poor man do the bidding for the rich man
Those rednecks just doing
What the classy fuckers thinking
and tolerance it ain't acceptance
I know you wanted it to be"
-"Laramie" by Amy Ray

Side note: I am glad that I am not planning on having children any time in the near future because I have an overwhelming urge to name things after Lord of the Rings characters right now. And frankly that just isn't fair to a child.

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