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The Tale of My One Nipple

2003-11-12 & 11:41 a.m.

This will probably make the husband cringe that I share such information in the diary but it might get me some google hits and it is an interesting story and I feel as though my last entry was rather banal. So here's the story...

The Tale of Courtney's Boobs

Once upon a time.....

I had HUGE boobs. I am talking 38EE had to go to special stores to buy bras boobs. My back killed me. I could not sleep well. If I tried to sleep on my side there was no place for my arms and my boobs would get stuck together. If I tried to sleep on my back they would flop back towards my face and threaten to suffocate me. It was a miserable experience. Not to mention the ridicule I experienced from people. I developed these boobs around 10.

Fast forward to when I was 18.....

My grandma is watching Maury Povich and sees Soliel Moon Frye aka Punky Brewster on there talking about her breast reduction. My grandma convinces my grandpa that he should pay for me to have one. When they call to tell me this I am overwhelmed. My doctor had always told me I was not big enough for insurance to pay for a reduction. So we decided I would have the surgery. So 3 days after I graduated high school, I lost my boobs. It was painful but worth it...mostly. Here is where it gets interesting....

I only have one nipple now. Yep...before I was the big boobed I am the one nippled freak. It is a possible "side effect" of the surgery. I "lost" my nipple. It is not as traumatic as it sounds and weirdly my mother took it worse than I did. (I mean it wasn't her nipple) The husband doesn't seem to care. (he is not really a boob man) and maybe he likes sleeping with the one nippled freak...who knows?

Either way I thought this entry would pique reader interest a little more than my last.

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