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2003-11-17 & 1:17 p.m.

Who am I???? Who am I??? That is a difficult question. I could start at the beginning…but that would take too long. So I will go for the basics….for I realized that I never formally introduced myself to my diary readers.

My name is Courtney. I was born and raised in a suburb of Chicago. My parents are still married (to each other) after 26 years. I am 23 years old and I have 2 sisters who are twins. I have a husband whom I met on the internet in 1998 via Yahoo personals. The problem being that he lived in Seattle and I lived in Chicago. At first I was overwhelmed by the response of the men to my ad so I just talked to the husband thinking if anything he can be a good friend and then he grew on me. So about 3 months after we met online, we met in person. Thus a long distance relationship began. And let me tell you long distance relationships are expensive. If I had all the money I spent on airline tickets back I would be able to buy that new Kate Spade purse I want. (and then some….and yes I am a purse and shoe whore.) So in 2000, I moved to Seattle and let me tell you I love Seattle. (note the sarcasm) The husband and I had the typical first apartment. Near the mall, kinda trashy, at one point someone peed on our car, the people downstairs were running a meth lab and our neighbor across the hall used to sit on his balcony singing songs about how much he loved weed. On Valentine’s Day, 2001, the husband proposed. Nothing special really…we went to Benihana for dinner and then came home and the husband proposed while we were sitting on the couch. I checked with the cats and then said okay. We were at that, ”Where do we go from here?” point in our relationship. So let’s get married. A circus called “The Wedding” ensued……and on May 26, 2002 we got married. Now we have been living in wedded bliss (ha ha ha) for the past year and a half in our newly purchased overpriced condo with annoying upstairs neighbors.

The other big thing is the pets and the info about them can be found here. Other than that my life is made up of obsessions and secret fantasies. I play volleyball and love playing volleyball. I am constantly playing volleyball in my brain. I love the Golden Girls and have every episode on tape. I have an autographed photograph of Bea Arthur from when I wrote her a letter when I was 10. I eat macaroni and cheese constantly. I have graduated from Kraft to more designer Pasta Ronis and Organics. I love Dane Cook, the stand up comedian. I listen to his CD on almost a daily basis. I use his jokes on a daily basis and most of the time have no problem pretending he is my lover. (see the fantasy begins.) I love Friends and know all the lines to several episodes and have the trivia game memorized. (A Quizilla quiz once revealed I was Rachel and I was disappointed because I wanted to be Chandler because of my sarcastic wit. But sadly I think I am more like Monica what with the compulsive behavior and all.) I am obsessed also with Queer as Folk and Will and Grace. From this obsession stems my love of Hal Sparks and Eric McCormack. I would gladly sacrifice my body to either of them. (the same goes for Dane Cook). Another one of my fantasies and secret desires stems from Will and Grace….I want to be Karen Walker. I want to be rich, drunk, and hot and not care. I want to shop all day….I still shop all day but at the mall. I want to shop at Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, etc. Thus I come to my next obsession…I love love love love love my purse. I have a black Kate Spade shoulder bag. I love Kate Spade. She is a wonderful designer. I also have about a million pairs of flip flops…or thongs as some may say. I love shoes. I could go on about my obsessions all day but I think I have covered enough in this entry to scare away the majority of my readers.

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