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I’m the dyke who will give it to you

2005-05-11 & 12:57 p.m.

I just spent the weekend following Amy Ray on her solo tour. I went to Seattle on Friday, Vancouver on Saturday and Portland on Sunday.

1) Amy running up to Spike and I as soon as she saw us in Seattle and giving us a huge hug.

2) Jody Bleyle (Amy's bass player) standing in the alley in Vancouver with us while a bum told us jokes about diarrhea.
Q: How do you know that diarrhea is hereditary?
A: It runs in the genes.

3) The British Bum and the Redneck Bum in Vancouver who asked Spike and I if we liked Bush. Yeah....awesome. They also asked us who the hell Amy Ray was and when we told them she was in the Indigo Girls they asked who the hell they were.

4) The bum in Vancouver who thought Spike and I were bums and gave us food. (Dude Vancouver has the best bums.)

5) Will (Amy's drummer) talking to us for like a half hour after the Portland show and telling us some things he probably shouldn't. But he is so fucking cute that I think anyone would forgive him.

6) Getting spit on by the lead singer of LKN during her set cause I was standing next to Jody.

7) Getting a Family Outing tshirt and officially being one of the only Family Outing fans that there are. (Spike being the other of course)

And I want to leave you with this:

Rural Faggot

You ride your John Deere down to the pond
Just to watch me struggle along.
You say you got your daddy’s seed in you
And you think you’re bored with anything there is to do with me.

You wipe your hands across your bare chest
And rub your fingers through your crew cut hair.
“Expelled from school,” you tell me with a grin,
“I copped a feel from an ex-girlfriend.”

I know you want to break the rules-
We were made by nature’s fools.
And so you ride all day long, all by yourself,
‘Til you feel strong-

Strong enough to stay
Strong enough to be
Standing in the way
Of everything I see.

You wanna know why I had to go
Down to the baseball park to see you blow it.
All the balls just fall from your hands,
And your daddy asks me, When is he gonna be a man?”

I know you want to change the truth-
We were made by nature’s fools.
So you ride all night long
With your boys in those muscle cars.
And you go down to the city
And laugh at the faggots
Until the girls look pretty and until you feel strong-

Strong enough to stay
Strong enough to be
Standing in the way
Of everything that you could see.

I’m just a magnet for the rural faggots.
They come and knock on my door
Just to find they’re running out of time
To figure out what they come here for.

I know you want to know the truth
And I’m the dyke who will give it to you.
By this time next year
you’ll know you’re queer
It’ll all be okay
It’ll all be clear
And you’ll run away from home
But not to be alone
And you’ll go down to the city
Where the boys are pretty

And where you feel strong
Strong enough to stay
Strong enough to be
A country boy who’s gay.

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