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63 things about me....

2003-11-27 & 12:41 a.m.

1. I was born on July 4th, 1980

2. Until I was 5 I thought the fireworks were for my birthday.

3. I hate wearing socks.

4. I love chow mein.

5. I used to be obsessed with the NBA

6. My dad is a cop.

7. My mom works in a dental office.

8. I have twin sisters.

9. I hate onions.

10. I like only cheese on my pizza.

11. I recently discovered I like Ranch dressing (aka McNaughton Ketchup) on my pizza as well.

12. I always order the same thing at Taco Bell. Nachos Bell Grande

13. I keep trying to type the same number over and over

14. The husband says I "fester" about it when I hate someone

15. I like to color in coloring books

16. I sucked my thumb for years and reportedly can sometimes be seen still sucking it when I am sleeping

17. I bite my nails obsessively.

18. I have over 50 pairs of flip flops

19. Yes...I watch Newlyweds...

20. I wear colored really my eyes figure

21. One of my favorite shirts is my Grateful Dead shirt. I do not listen to the Grateful Dead really...

22. I stole 2 of my favorite things in the whole world from my friend Robin. my long sleeve "esprit" shirt and a Bob Marley CD

23. I outwardly deny liking Britney Spears and Nsync but secretly listen to them. Blasphemy!!

24. I call my dog Charlie Pooh Bear ,"Sexy" all the time.

25. This aggravates the husband.

26. I make the husband feel my leg muscles on a daily basis because they "feel like rocks"

27. I obssesively play Tetris on my Gameboy. (I carry said Gameboy in my purse.)

28. I sing loudly in the car and shower.

29. Tucca my cat get violently angry when I sing and attacks the other cats and sometimes me.

30. I sneeze and get the hiccups a lot.

31. I hate when people say "Take a Dump"

32. I am currently teaching Brynnona the wonder pointer how to do tricks by using only hand signals. So far we sit, speak and give paw by hand command.

33. Stewart still will not sit on command.

34. I locked Stewart out of the house by accident twice tonight.

35. I went to school for one semester to be an interior designer.

36. I know all the words to Warren G's entire "regulate...g funk era" cd

37. Have outlandish fantasies involving me being a celebrity and marrying rock stars, movie and tv stars

39. I do not like breakfast foods.

40. The one diary I must read daily is Captvirefly

41. Although I read every diary on my buddy list every time they make an entry.

42. I enjoy being really I do...

43. The husband still has not figured out when I am being serious and when I am being funny after 5 years

44. Maggie the Siamese Princess used to pee all over the house until I made her live in a kennel for 6 months and now she is a perfect angel.

45. My first tape I ever owned was Peter Cetera. (TOW The Karate Kid Song)

46. The first concert I ever saw was Air Supply.

47. I am a shopaholic

48. My favorite candy bar is Butterfinger or PayDay.

49. I have all the episodes of Cagney and Lacey, The Golden Girls, I Love Lucy, The Golden Palace on tape.

50. I love any movie with Shirley MacClaine in it. Guaranteed...

51. I cried during "The Bridges of Madison County"

52. When I was younger I loved reading about serial killers. (Maybe that is why I want to get a Criminal Justice Degree??)

53. I read Silence of the Lambs before the movie was made. ( I was like 10 years old.)

54. My name in Spanish class was Carlota.

55. I really liked Ben Hur.

56. My sisters and I used to play Barbies for hours on end. My sister Allie always had to have the abused barbie with the alcoholic husband, Shannon's barbie was always pregnant and sex crazed and my barbie did not have feet because I could be caught chewing on them sometimes.

57. My friend Tricia, her sister, my sisters and I invented "Butt Fairies".

58. My porn name would be Honey Harrison. (Not bad...)

59. I cried for days and had to stay home from school when I foudn out Pedro from the Real World San Fransisco died.

60. I still secretly have a crush on Judd from RW: San Fran and have to throw things at the television when I see him with Pam. (this makes the husband mad because the tv is expensive.)

61. I am wearing 2 different socks right now because I could not find 2 of the same sock to put on and my feet were cold.

62. Of all the diaries in Diaryland, UncleBob and Dangerspouse make me laugh the most.

63. I know all the lines to almost every Golden Girls and people look at me funny when I start talking along with the episode when they are in my company. (I guess it is because I do it whenever the GG are on...even the gym)

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