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2003-11-23 & 10:06 p.m.

Oh my god! I am falling into a funk. I have started going almost 24 hours without updating. What has the world come to?

I was feeling nostalgic (drunk) yesterday and got out old scrapbooks, notebooks, journals, etc. So I found this "About the Author" peice I wrote in my journal when I was 15...


Courtney was born on a lovely summer day in 1980. Amidst fireworks and much to the joy of her parents, she was born on July 4th. Jimmy Carter was president, and he greatly influenced her decision to enter politics at the age of 5. Besides being the first kindergardener elected to the Senate, Courtney also enjoys the company of her 2 dogs, 4 ferrets, and 2 gerbils. During a typical day in her life, you can find Courtney helping the needy people of India and many other Middle Eastern countries. She also enjoys traveling. Of the places she has traveled, she cites the Orient as the most magnificent. When she is not climbing mountains, she can be found in the animal hospital comforting the lonely, sick animals. If she has one free moment in the day, she prefers to spend it with her lovely family she loves so much. Being that she is an only child, she is very independent. On a typical saturday night, Courtney enjoys watching Sabado Gigante, being that she is fluent in over 50 forms of communication. She currently lives in Barrington and contimues to write books.

Also funny....written about my Junior year history teacher.....

Little known facts about Mr, Eisenbacher

Was kicked out of Harvard university when he drank 20 shots of tequila, walked into a classroom, stood on a desk and swatted at imaginary flies, the whole time chanting,"History sucks! I hate it and I hate you!"

is allegedly the third gunman at the Grassy Knoll

Is a member of the German Mafia located in Xiang Ping Pao, China

Was exposed to large amounts of radioactive energy when he failed to duck and cover.

Clad in a sweater and jeans, alledgedly broke into Sara Lee stealing all the brownies. He left a ransom note saying,"If you want the brownies, you better get me front row tickets to Santana. Don't mess with my gang. We're bad."

Known as Mr. Eisenbutcher because 20 of his students have gone missing.

Was once institutionalized for thinking the everyone he met was a robot trying to steal information for a hostile robot takeover of the earth.

Wears a snowsuit to bed every night.

Was once arrested for flashing everyone in his Panda pajamas. He approached people and asked them if they wanted to "Peek at his panda"

Was arrested for impersonating Michealangelo's Statue of David in Central Park.

Can be seen running through the halls of BHS yelling,"Killer bees are coming!"

Reportedly eats 4 bags of Pixy Sticks a day.

and lastly more of my teenage literary skills...poetry....


The clock is ticking

He's lurking near

He's setting in

Its oh so clear

He's caught me in his net

There's no escaping now

How can I escape his grip?

Can someone tell me how?

Ode to Chemistry

All those elements

Boy do they suck

I've got a test tomorrow

Just my luck

I hate my teacher

She's a chunk

Wanna know something?

I'mm gonna flunk

Electron configurations are really the pits

The Gas Law Project is giving me fits

I hate Chemistry

It doesn't rule

I'm taking it again

In summer school

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