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Today is another "Starkville" day...

2004-12-21 & 3:51 p.m.

At the risk of sounding much like my Indigo Girl lovin' girlfriend, I have to talk about the Indigo Girls and what their music means to me.

Lately, my life has been this series of highs and lows. A series of exhilirating events and life devastating sadness. My family and friends were there for me, well most of them, and that was great. However, for me to process things, I tend to be very introspective. I want to withdraw and seclude myself from people. I like to turn on some music and just curl up in bed. No other time in my life did music mean more to me than it has in the last year. And never did any music touch me more than the music of Emily and Amy.

As I walk through every day just trying to make it, one step in front of the other, Amy and Emily are there with me too. There are days when I cannot think of facing anyone, even myself, but I turn on some music and Amy and Emily have me feeling better about whatever is bothering me.

In this world, where so many of us strive for acceptance, I never feel better than when those girls are up on stage and playing their hearts out. The feeling of love and joy washes over me with every note they play and you can tell they feel that. When you hear an entire audience of thousands singing along with Amy and Emily, you can't help but smile.

It has been more than few months now since I have last seen them and I won't see them until March probably. I miss seeing them. In this world where so much shit always happens to bring you down, you need to find your happiness and grab onto it.

Maybe some see going to so many Indigo Girls as obsessive, but I can't imagine not going to see them so much. I can't imagine not having their music in my life. I can't imagine a day where I don't think about Emily bright smile when the crowd sings "Closer to Fine" with her and Amy's brooding dark stare while she singing "Sister". There isn't a day where I haven't had one Indigo Girls song stuck in my head and I sing it over and over again.

Today is another "Starkville" day...

"I've never felt so glad to be so well spent, so beyond repair."-Dairy Queen by Amy Ray

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