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2003-11-29 & 12:16 a.m.

Here is a continuation of the previous 63 things about me entry. Read and enjoy! Roll in the juicy facts and tidbits about me like a dog who just found horse poop...just kidding..of course. And don't forget to read my first ever Friday Five entry!


64. I haven't had a pedicure since August.

65. This is driving me crazy.

66. But I am attempting to be thrifty.

67. I have never been to New York City.

68. I have only left the United States 6 times. (Canada 3 times, Mexico twice, the Bahamas once)

69. I did not wear comfortable shoes when I went to Vegas and I had to buy a new pair while there.

70. While at the shoe store, the sales attendant told me I looked to old to be wearing this one pair of shoes.

71. The husband just asked me if I wanted to use his XBox controller as a vibrator because it was stuck on vibrate. (Husband has had a few cocktails.)

72. I cannot imagine anything that gets me less turned on than the XBox.

73. I do not like "Xbox Green" aka "TheMatrix Green".

74. I hate my dog Brynn's tail. It is just this stump that moves.

75. I made Thai chicken in the wok last week.

76. I still have not cleaned the wok.

77. I hate cleaning the wok.

78. I sometimes wonder how much I would have to smoke to get gravel voice.

79. I have never eaten Spam.

80. The husband was my first boyfriend.

81. My first kiss was in 1st grade. His name was Dylan.

82. My wedding ring cost less than my husbands.

83. I have read all the Harry Potter books.

84. My keychain has a South Park Underpants gnome keychain, my gym membership card, a pug keychain and a pointer keychain.

85. Our Wedding song was "Songbird" by Fleetwood Mac, sung by Duncan Sheik.

86. I walked down the aisle to the music from Romeo and Juliet.

87. The Titanic (the movie) really pissed me off because there was enough room for both of them to fit on the peice of wood she was on. And it was retarded that they did not both try to fit on it.

88. I do not understand how Steven Tyler made Liv Tyler.

89. Up until August 2003, I had worked in a vets office since I was 15.

90. I still remember every address I have ever lived at. (there are only 6 of them)

91. Sometimes I shower 3 or 4 times a day. ( I get bored. And dieting technique...they say brush your teeth but I have always found a shower to be a good food diversion.)

92. I hate sweating. (also why I shower often)

93. Rereading 91 and 92 makes me think I need medication.

94. I change my underwear several times a day.

95. However I will wear the same pair of socks several days in a row until "they start to smell".

96. I rap along to rappers. I aspire to be a white female rapper.

97. I have made collages of people from my soap opera from old soap opera magazines. (when I was 14) and (I watch One Life to Live.) (See EveRoboto I'll admit it!)

98. I am a PYT! (I will let you try to figure that out for yourself.)

99. I am listening to "Tequila Sunrise" by The Eagles

100. I use a "layering" process for personal scenting. I wash with the body gel, put on the lotion, followed by the body spray and then the eau de toillette. This ensures proper saturation.

101. I do not enjoy when people touch me in attempts to pick at anything ie. a zit or something "on my face" etc. I believe it stems from my mother and sister picking at each other like monkeys. Or walking in on said sister picking at zits on her boyfriends back.

102. I do not like people to touch my pillow. EVER! My pillow is holy ground. (I do not even like the husband to touch it. he hates this. Especially because I do not mind if the dogs and cats touch it. Just not people)

103. The husband and I sleep under separate blankets. He rolls up in this cocoon. I would wake up as a popsicle.

104. We allow the pugs to sleep in bed with us. Brynnona the Wonder Pointer sleeps on the couch.

105. I have a Gollum from LOTR desktop picture right now. (Yeah I am a geek like that.)

106. I clean my ears with Q tips despite the recommendation on the box that I should not.

107. If I have to take vitamins, I refuse to take adult vitamins. I will just take 2-3 kids ones.

108. 13 people have me listed on their favorites list.

109. My favorite cake is carrot cake. (with NO NUTS!)

110. My favorite pie is French Silk.

111. When I was 8, our neighbor girl who was 6, pooped in our backyard. We caught her in the act and she proceeded to pick it up and throw it over the fence.

112. When I was 10ish, my sisters and my friend and I played Babies. We were mothers with our "babies". However, we insisted that our babies had "real" baby paraphenalia (like bought at Babies R Us), such as car seats, bottles, rattles, strollers. We would read catalogs and pick out what cribs we wanted to save up to buy. Like we were real mothers.

113. I hit my sister with her flute because she kept playing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme over and over. I broke the flute.

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