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"Canada: Land of the Missing Second Row"

2004-07-21 & 9:39 p.m.

My post on the Indigo Vortex about last nights show:

My review of the show last night at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver BC. Cross posted from the blue board.

"Do they know how to sing in Canada?"

This entry is brought to you by Indigoroads without whom the best night of my life ever would not have been possible because she gave me my ticket.

Secondly this entry is brought to you by a combination of my kick ass driving, an awesome US Customs officer and well frankly...some of Spike's ADD on crack that has seemed to rub off on me.

I would like to preface this with a little story for those who don't know and Selar I am sorry that you have to hear it again......To get Selar into Canada, they had to pull over so she could get her passport stamped. So "Baby" Spike held out her passport and they stamped it too. Now, normally Americans don't get their passports stamped with a Canadian stamp. Out of all the countries that have stamped Spike's passport, apparently Canada is the most exciting and important.

Where to begin..........

The line was about 10-15 people long when I got there at 5! What is up with that Canada? When we finally got in, we ran and the staff at the venue looked at us like we were crazy. We arrived at the front and planted ourselves in our spots. And then NOONE else came. For a good 20-30 minutes, there was no fucking second row. NONE! Spike, Selar and I were in a state of shock.

"Are we gonna brave the alley?"

The floor finally filled up during Shawn Mullins set and by the time the Girls came on....the energy was great.

Highlights of the show:


Me crying during Come on Home, again....

Getting a pick....although not directly from Emily as Spike and Selar did. I got mine from Sulli.

Love's Recovery and 10K Wars

Selar telling me I sing pretty and she wants to stand next to me more

Spike telling me I have a nice rack

Now for after the show which is a separate story alltogether.

First of all, the bus was in ScaryCrackAddictAlley2004 and we decided to brave it together. It smelled horrible. There were many scary people. We got to the bus and they had just began loading so we talked to Sulli about crack addicts. Shawn came out and signed Selar and Spike's CD's and they had a goodbye scene! (Not before Shawn accidentally dropped Selar's CD in icky alley water.....)


Spike showed Sulli her passport and the NOW infamous Canadian stamp that is gracing it's pages.....

We waited for the Girls to come out. There was only us and two other people. Suddenly they appeared through the door. I waved casually and then I heard it....

"EMILY! EMILY! " and then I saw Spike bounce over to Emily as fast as I have see Spike move ever without causing herself or someone else bodily harm. She bounced right over to Emily and started talking a mile a minute.


OUT CAME THE PASSPORT! Spike was so excited to show Emily and Amy her Canadian stamp that she recieved. (I hear Canada is thinking of keeping Spike as a mascot by the way...) Emily was impressed...or at least she did a good job pretending to be impressed. Spike also told Amy and Emily about the KFOG poll to which Emily replied, "Power to the people."

I got my ticket signed and I got a pick. This was my first time meeting Amy and Emily and my first autograph. I couldn't have asked for a better night and to quote Raystah, "My blatant disregard for the speed limit..." got me home in less than two hours.



1. Fill It Up Again

2. Perfect World

3. Power Of Two

4. Yield

5. Hammer and A Nail

6. Scooter Boys

7. Come On Home

8. Ozilline

9. The Wood Song

10. Heartache For Everyone

11. Something Real

12. Let Me Go Easy

13. Closer To Fine (with Shawn Mullins)

14. Go

15. You And Me Of 10,000 Wars

16. Dairy Queen

17. Watershed

18. Kid Fears (with Shawn Mullins)

19. Get Out The Map


20. Driver Education

21. Love's Recovery

22. Galileo (with Shawn Mullins)

2nd Encore:

23. Shame On You

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