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You're Uninvited....or Guess Who's Not Coming To Dinner

2003-12-23 & 11:36 p.m.

Ugh...after spending the day trying to rally thisendup's spirits for the Christmas season here I get my spirit taken away from me. I obviously cannot go to my mother-in-law's. So I was going to go to my "adopted" Washington family's Christmas. The adopted family is the family of my best friend Ashley. I have spent the last 2 thanksgivings with them and last Christmas at Ashley's sister Annette's house. I consider them family. This year Ashley's mother is here for the first time in years. So I was over there today and I delivered the present I got them (a 25 dollar gift certificate to Blockbuster) and some cookies I got for their dogs. In the card I thanked them for adopting me as part of their family. Annette asked me if I was coming to Christmas and I said yes and asked what I could bring. Annette put me in charge of alcohol(my favorite!) and the rolls. I got home from there at about 9:30 and around 10:30 I got a call from Ashley's mother telling me that "they" (they being her and Annette and supposedly everyone else there which was Annette's husband Bruce and Ashley's mom Gloria and her boyfriend Joseph) were talking and decided that they didn't want me to come to Christmas because it was just supposed to be their family and they wanted to be together..without me. Boy that feeling sucked...I have never been uninvited anywhere before. So I called Ashley and she called her mom and they fought about it because Ashley thought that totally sucked. So no she isn't going to Christmas with her family. I feel bad coming between family but I am happy that my friend stuck up for me. Needless to say we decided to spend Christmas together getting hammered and watching Christmas movies. It just sucks..that sinking feeling you get when you get rejected. Because ultimately that is what happened. They don't want me there. I was just shocked. And she said,"Now I don't want this to hurt your feelings.." What the? How the hell could/would that not hurt someone's feelings? You just told someone who had NOWHERE else to go at Christmas that you didn't want them coming. feelings aren't hurt at all.

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