Back in St. Olaf:

alison - 2004-01-17 02:36:27
Oh dear God. I'm a little bit pissed at you because more and more people are adding casts. I feel like I'm a relic of a distant era.
fargahar - 2004-01-17 03:11:28
I did it more for myself so I did not get confused. Also so I did not forget who I mentioned and so I did not feel like I had to explain who was who everytime I made an entry. I was getting confused...which happens to me a lot. What I thought was most amusing was that half of the cast were animals.
devian - 2004-01-17 14:10:27
i'm so sorry you were uninvited to that xmas party. that is so CRUEL! i myself never go home for xmas, so something like that would have meant a lot--so i totally understand how much it hurt. one reason why i don't put myself out there more for people. call me jaded. people can be such assholes.

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