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No mullet is gonna tap this ass.

2004-12-01 & 12:17 a.m.

Some more stuff about me that you may not have known:

1) I absolutely love Lavender. I put lavender sachets in my drawers, use lavender lotion, and I also keep lavender sachets in my car so that my car smells like lavender.

2) I have horrible sinus allergies. I am constantly blowing my nose, taking Claritin and snorting Flonase like it is going out of style.

3) My sister, Shannon and I both have this obsession with nostaligic films from our childhood. If we see them we have to buy them. Case in sister recently purchased The Ewok Movies, Caravan of Courage and Battle for Endor as a 2 in 1 disc special. I am currently looking for it so I can purchase it as well.

4) I have certain underwear preferences for certain types of clothing. For example, thongs are always worn with jeans or dress pants. But granny type panties with full ass coverage are always worn with pajamas or sweats. I will go commando on occassion...but it depends on the situation.

5) I love candles. I almost always have candles lit. I prefer Yankee Candles but since I don't "shit gold dubloons", I usually don't care what kind of candle it is.

6) I have never been much of an autograph hound but I do have a few and most of the time when I tell people whose I have they say, "Now who's that?" I have the following autographs:
Amy Ray and Emily Saliers (the Indigo Girls)
Pete Sampras
Patty Sheehan (professional golfer)
Nancy Lopez (another professional golfer)
Bea Arthur
*if my parents couldn't tell I was gay at an early age by looking at the above list....they are missing some sort of boat.

7) When I start these "lists", I usually forget what number I was at arounf 7 or 8. Today it was 7.

8) Indigo Girls: Strange Fire is in my Car CD player. Britney Spears: Greatest Hits is in my CD player in the bedroom and Sarah McLachlan: Afterglow Live is in the bathroom CD player. I have a lot of CD players.

9) When I started this blog over a year ago, I had 4 dogs, 4 cats and a rat. I now have 3 dogs, 4 cats and NO rat. I got my rat cremated. His ashes are just sitting there. I am not sure what to do with Rat E. Ratterson ashes.

10) I rarely said, "Dude" before. But thanks to a recent lifestyle change and acquiring a new "influence", I ALWAYS say DUDE and I can't decide if I am happy about it or not.

11) I really like to buy things from the little 50 cent vending machines they have in grocery stores and toy stores and stuff. My personal favorites are the jewelry ones and the ones with super balls. Temporary tattoos are nice as well.

12) I get very mad when I am at a house and the people don't have Kleenex. It doesn't occur to me that some people just don't go through cases of Kleenex monthly like I do.

13) I have many oral fixation habits. I chew my fingernails, I grind my teeth and I can be seen sucking my thumb on occassion.

14) I am very lazy. I do not like doing stuff at all. I am perfectly content to spend entire days doing nothing but lying in bed. I don't feel like I am wasting a day or anything. I feel like that is perfectly acceptable.

15) I am very opposed to bad hairstyles. I am not like superficial mostly but don't come near me if you got bad hair cause I ain't havin' it. No mullet is gonna tap this ass.

16) When Ellen DeGeneres dances, it melts my butter.

17) I am a huge fan of velour. The velour jumpsuit is my bitch.

18) I like to sleep on my side. I prefer to have 3 pillows. One really flat pillow, my heavy down pillow and a small pillow that only my face lies on.

19) For years I wanted a featherbed and a down comforter but the soon to be ex- husband didn't want them. As soon as I got my own bedroom, I got them and I love it.

20) It is hard to shift your sexual focus after pretending to be straight for so long. I convinced myself what my male type was. Now that the world of women is open to me as well....damned if I know what my type is. Right now I am sort of stuck at this, "Hell, if she's got breasts..."

I think that is enough for now....there are only so many juicy nuggets of information one can take at a time.

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