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Turkey with a side of SUCK

2004-11-25 & 12:12 a.m.

Some things really suck. But the thing that sucks most for me lately is insensitive people who make me do things before I am comfortable doing them. Such as family members with some sort of sick vendetta against my father, NOT ME, finding my site and telling other family members, who I was not ready to come out to yet, that I am gay. This sucks the big one because it puts me into a rock and hard place situation and frankly I hate fucking rock and hard place situations.

I think it is very immature of someone to do this. Especially because this is something so personal and so important. Noone should ever force someone to come out if they aren't comfortable. But now, because of my knitwit uncle (and you know which one you are and DON'T think that you won't be recieving a strongly worded letter from me), I have to come out to Grandma.

Grandma was already a bit shocked about the news of the divorce. She still has hope that Peter and I will get back together. I wanted the divorce to be final before I tell her. But no, bastard uncle, who I have always been nice to and inclusive of when other people weren't, has decided to spread rumors about me to other family members. Isn't that lovely?

Frankly, I don't know why but I expected better from him. Perhaps I was naive. I was obviously a huge fool to think that he was overall a good guy. I remember when he took my sisters and I out to ice cream and how much fun we had. But he let petty arguements with his brothers distance him from the family and in turn now he is taking it out on his neice. It just saddens me because I thought he was a better person than that. I always thought that above all else, petty arguements aside that when family was needed, family was there being supportive and being inderstanding. That is the meaning of family. It saddens me today because I lost an uncle. I don't feel like he is family anymore. And that just sucks.

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