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Long winded but worth it......aka this is what happens when you never update

2004-10-21 & 8:25 p.m.

(WARNING: This is what happens when you never update and then have a fun filled post this HUGE ass entry.)

Picture it, Seattle, my apartment, last Thursday night......

I was missing my family, I was missing my Spikey and I was missing the Indigo Girls. I had thought I was working this weekend and on Thursday I was enlightened to the fact that I had a new schedule and I wasn't working.
Chicago was calling my name. The peices fell into place. All of my favorite people, my family, my Spikey and the Indigo Girls were all going to be in the same city and I could get a reasonable ticket.

Next thing I knew I was on a red eye flight to Chicago on Friday night and I pulled a 3rd row Indigo Girls ticket to the show in Joliet. I was elated and so was my mother.

Saturday morning at 5:15 am, I arrived in Chicago. I did not get any sleep because my overnight red eye flight was the official flight for all people flying with babies that evening. I got no sleep so I was a little bit irritable. I am always irritable when I fly because the whole of humanity is pretty much retarded when it comes to flying but I was even more irritable because I was flying into Midway and frankly, I am too good to fly in and out of Midway. It is in the ghetto. It is ghetto and I hate it but it was cheaper.
Spikey picked me up from the airport and took me back to her mother's house. I finally met mother of Spike and can I tell you that I can do a perfect dead on impersonation of the woman...cause I can. I also learned where Spikey inherited her ability to collect large amounts of crap stems from. No offense to you, my love, but your mother's house is one huge blow out episode of Clean Sweep waiting to happen. While in the process of staying with Spike and mother of Spike and seeing her in her underwear, I met the evil boyfriend of mother of Spike. The man gave off a freaky Oompa Loompa sort of vibe to me but I held my tongue for the sake of Spike. As usual I was right about him and he is an asshole.
We went to the Joliet Indigo Girls show with father of Spike and new wife of father of Spike. They were really cool. They thoroughly enjoyed the show that evening. The show was really good and the girls were really chatty. I always love when the girls are chatty. But the best part of any Indigo Girls show to me is afterwards when you talk to them. In Joliet, we talked to Emily and Emily said to me, "You weren't going to come to the Chicago shows." (which she remembered from Utah....) Spike and I introduced her to father of Spike and it seemed like I was at a parent-teacher conference when Emily told FoS that Spike was "a joy to have on tour" and "stays out of trouble." Emily was dressed in her "bus clothes" and wasn't taking pictures that night but when Spike told her that I loved her (Emily) more than I loved Spike, Emily was convinced.

Too bad my eyes weren't open and I look all stoned. I think it was mostly because I was elated to have my picture taken with my girl.
After that Amy came out and well frankly that part was far more important to Spike than it was to me but Amy called Spike brilliant and also said, "I fancy myself your matchmaker."
Sunday morning, we went to my parents house for the official Spike meet and greet. My parents and sisters finally got to meet my first lesbian girlfriend. You would think that in itself would be some sort of interesting picturesque story worthy of a film starring Ben Stiller somehow but it wasn't. It went great and everyone got along. Spike left around 1 pm to head to another Indigo Girls show cause well, she is cool like that.
I went to see my new cousin, Jacob. Who is the cutest baby I have ever seen. I didn't need to do the Kramer or anything when I saw him. He was entirely too little to be a Peters though. Above all else, we Peters take up space and at 8 lbs, he is just tiny.
I was supposed to fly out on Sunday night. While I was at dinner with my parents, I recieved a frantic call from a very upset Spike. Her mother's boyfriend had hit her and tried to choke her with a seatbelt. She was in Champaign by herself and had no way to get home without having to ride in a car with a man who just assulted her. I cancelled my flight and drove down to pick her up from the show. I thought I would make it down there in time to catch some of the show but I missed it by 2 minutes. When I got there I talked to Amy and Emily after the show and they both declared me "girlfriend of the year" and were very upset about what had happened to Spike.
On the drive home, Spike was very upset and I tried to console her. I also convinced her to change her flight and spend another day with me in the healing capacity of the Peters family. When we arrived back at my parents house, we crashed. I had left my mom a note saying that Spike was spending the day with us. My mom took the day off and we did the usual Peters activities, eating, shopping and eating. My mom bought Spike a present while we were shopping. That pretty much means acceptance in our family.
Spike and I were sitting around at about 5 pm that night talking about our Indigo Withdrawl. We talked about it and decided that it was completely insane that the girls were performing an hour away and we weren't there. We jumped in the car and drove to Milwaukee. We had no tickets and more importantly, tweedledee and tweedledumb did not think to print out a map to the venue either. But we made it and bought tickets in Row R. I know...GASP! Spike and I do not do Row R. But we knew we would not stay there.
We stayed there during GIRLYMAN's set. (who by the way is my newest favorite band ever...and everyone must listen to them....especially you Devian cause I know you would like them)
By the time the show started, we were in row 4 and there we would stay. It is funny but this world sucks sometimes. Life can be depressing and bad things happen but when I am at a show and those girls come on stage, I am the happiest person. I feel such a connection with them and with every other fan (well mostly every other fan...I do not connect with people who think Emily's name is Julie and people who ask if I have their new album yet...) But I digress. Listening to those girls play their hearts out is as close to heaven as I can get.
During the set, Spike and I yelled out "CHIAPAS BOUND". Amy said, "Now that's an obscure request." Emily looked puzzled and said, "Is that Spike?" into the mic. Amy looked even more puzzled and said, "Spike's here?" into the mic too. The drunk bitch in front of us like tried to pretend she was Spike but I kicked her ass. (Okay well not really....but I wanted to.)
After the show, there was more excellent Amy and Emily conversation. Amy was so excited to see us, she hugged us. Emily told us we were crazy but I am sure she meant it in a good way. They both took pictures with us that night. I posted the picture with Emily at the beginning of the entry and here is our picture with Amy.

Monday after the show, I took Spike to her mom's house so they could talk. But not without an assurance that her mother's crazy assed boyfriend would come nowhere near my Spikey. I got home at 2 am and crashed with dreams of Emily dancing through my head.

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