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The Emmys

2004-09-19 & 8:10 p.m.

You had to know that I would bust out an awards show entry. I may have dropped my basket but there's life in the old girl yet.....

Ah the Emmys.....

Oh fuck...Garry Shandling.

It is 8:06 and they have cut to Meryl Streep 3 times already. Give it up cameraman...Meryl isn't gonna laugh at Garry. He just isn't funny.....

Dear Sarah Jessica Parker,

It is called powder. I believe I saw my reflection in your forehead.

Thanks a lot,


It is funny how every year my dislike for Heather Locklear grows larger and more all encompassing.

Garry Shandling's hair looks like astroturf and I think his lips are going to attack me.

Simon Cowell and the Donald together...interesting. Who's hair is real?

I am finally glad that Sex and the City is over because then EVERY SINGLE ACTRESS ON THE SHOW CAN'T BE NOMINATED ANYMORE!

Obviously Cynthia Nixon didn't expect to win or she would have thought to wear a dress that didn't show every single panty line and HELLO GRANNY PANTIES!

Portia DeRossi is probably the FEMMEST lesbian ever.....

Opie...where did your hair go?

My man, go boy. You know you got your start with The Golden I have a special place for you in my heart.

Oh god...Garry are just SO NOT SO MUCH WITH THE FUNNY. You suck. You suck the big one.

Should I let it ruin my night that Tyne Daly was AGAIN passed over for an Emmy?

I want a Dyson Vaccuum so bad. More than I have wanted any vaccuum in my whole life.

Jeffery Wright, my boy from Angels in America won for Supporting Actor in a Miniseries. It gave me goosebumpies.

Billy, Garry will never be you. Your hosting abilities outshine him....he sucks ass.

What is America coming to? An awards show in which American Idol and Al Pacino are both nominated for awards? Does anyone else see what is wrong with this?

Oh good....Jon Stewart. This awards show was seriously lacking some funny.

"Look at the company I'm in....and I'm so glad none of them won." -Elaine Stritch

Me: Daily Show, Daily Show, Daily Show, Daily Show

Mos Def: And the Emmy goes to The Daily Show....

Me: *jumps up and down on bed* YESS!! YESS!!!!

Show endings.....interesting touch....

Oh goddamnit Frasier...all making my cry. Fuckerpants.

Mary Louise....what a better way to say fuck you to Billy Crudup...looking hot and winning an Emmy. Serves him right for leaving you while you were pregnant. I will never watch Big Fish again and I have stopped recommending it to people despite the fact the Jessica Lange is in it and I love her immensely.

I think I missed the George Lopez is funny boat.

I am wondering who died this year. I am sure I will find out soon. It is about that time. the Emmys are a reality show. Can you tell how excited I am? I mean really.

If Antonio Banderas beats Al Pacino...there really is no God.

Apparently GOLD jewelry is in this season. BLING BLING is in this season.

Why give awards to dead people? They are dead. They don't know. They're DEAD. Give the award to someone who is alive.

Now I hate Sarah Jessica Parker even more.

Kelsey Grammar has played Frasier Crane for the past 20 years and can be seen in Frasier: The Later Years chronicling Frasier's Journey into a senior citizens home in 2010.

I love me some Meryl Streep I really do. She really deserved to win...although I think she and Emma Thompson should share the award.

"There are days when I think that I, myself, am overratted. But not today...." -Meryl Streep

Angels of miniseries....yes!!!! Of course....

Oh here is my love, Ellen. She looks so cute....

Arrested Development won Outstanding Comedy Series...over half of America says, "What show?"

Thankfully another year of Garry Shandling is over and I am not too scarred for life.

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