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Bloody stumps and Diarrhea....woohoo!

2004-07-15 & 11:17 p.m.

Who knew that going away for the weekend would be the MOST COMPLICATED THING EVER?

Two people want to leave the house for a simple weekend in Portland. Seems like it would be easy and wouldn't require that much effort?

When those people have 4 dogs and 4 cats and a rat....they really should reconsider leaving the house EVER.

My feet hurt so fucking bad I could seriously cry. I am not used to being on my feet 12 hours a day anymore. And I am kinda thinking that it is not something I want to be used to.

"Hey, yeah so I am thinking that it would be great if I could stand for 12 hours straight for 3-4 days a week?"

"Really? Wouldn't that make your feet feel like you were wearing all the skin and tissue off your feet and when you take your shoes and socks off you will only find bloddy bony stumps of feet?"

"Well yeah but it is something I think I would like to try."

"Alright then, crazy."

About 4 months ago I looked at the wall and discovered a Christmas decoration I forgot to take down and I thought to myself, I should take that down and put it out with the Christmas stuff.

NEWSFLASH: I just looked over at the wall and it is still there.

Should I always be so incredibly irritated when people spell diarrhea incorrectly? It seems to me a simple word to spell but could that be because of my ample experience with diarrhea and all things related to it?

Really should someone really know the generic names of all anti-diarrheals on the market? Cause I like do and stuff. I know this makes you want to kick me off the cool blanket but I could seriously come in handy in a gastrointestinal emergency. Especially if it happens to be the canine or feline of your household that is having such problems.

Speaking of gastrointestinal problems... (nice segway, Courtney...)

Apparently, at the hospital where I am working now, there was this guy who worked there awhile ago who had stress colitis and would get diarrhea whenever there was stress or he was under pressure. So anyways, they had to fire him because he spent half the day in the bathroom and at one point shit his pants while assisting in surgery. This cracked my shit up....pun intended.

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