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I also blame Peirce Brosnan

2004-07-12 & 3:30 p.m.

My poor victimized dogs....

Can you believe I have tortured them? I mean how dare I vaccuum when I know how deathly afraid they are of this machine that sucks up the immense amounts of hair they insist on shedding all over my floor on a daily basis?

I have become obessed with keeping myself moisturized at all times lately. Not only do I use conventional lotions but I am obsessed with body butters and moisturizing body washes as well. So you can imagine my sheer glee when I discovered that Oil of Olay, a company that realizes the importance of moisture in everyday life, has introduced a new product for in the shower that is a moisturizing lotion to be applied after cleansing. Oh my joy! Not only is it a moisturizing product but it adds another step to the showering process that I already love so much. And this is not sarcasm, people. This is honesty. I love showering. I love the idea of adding another step to the Courtney beautification and moisturization process.

I got Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch underwear. I don't know what came over me but when I saw them I had to have them. Perhaps it is some sort of waning nostalgia for a misspent youth that makes me want to cover my ass with Cookie Monster's face. I don't know but I would say it was a well spent 7.00 for 2 pairs of knickers.

"Operation Courtney Isn't Going To Bite Her Nails" has failed miserably. I blame traffic and corporate parties for my failure to keep my hands out of my mouth. I also blame volleyball because I broke a nail at the game. And let me say I give new credit to people who freak over a broken nail because they hurt like a motherfucker. Goddamn! So anyways, there wasn't a nail file or trimmer there so I had to take matters into my own hands, err...mouth and trim it with my own professional nail trimming device, my teeth. My nails are still longer than they have ever been before but I just don't think I can keep from biting them for any great length of time. Oh yeah and I also blame Peirce Brosnan for my biting of the nails. Because basically everything that is wrong in this world is his fault.

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