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"I was born under the sign of Cancer..."

2004-07-03 & 4:12 p.m.

Yeah so like it's my birthday and stuff tomorrow.

Birthdays sort of suck when you get older unless you make fun for yourself. When you were younger, didn't it seem like it was other people's responsibility to make sure that you had a kick ass birthday? Suddenly as you shift into adulthood, and it is your responsibility to make sure you have a kick ass time everyday (yeah right!) on top of making sure you have this spectacular birthday.

I went to Fleetwood Mac...yes..that was truly great but I wish I had taken a better companion to the show with me because honestly that took away from the experience.

For now, I can look forward to my other birthday present to myself. The Indigo Girls Mini Tour I am going on. I can already anticipate that as being one of the best weeks ever. I already know it. Come on....4 Indigo Girls shows in less than 7 days....KICKASS!

Another reason birthdays suck now....noone gets me squat anymore. When I was a kid, the stack of presents was so huge I could barely see over it. I had a pretty easy time seeing over the stack of cards I got. And by stack I mean 5 cards. And two of them were from Aunt Bitchy who apparently cannot remember that she sent me a card 13 days earlier and had to send me another one. My mom said, "See it means she loves you double." I believe I did a Danny Thomas spit take and then guffawed at that. I think it means that I am just another birthday on that calendar to send a card to, a routine, an afterthought. Fine by me anyways because as I usher in this my 24th year of life, I am not going to have people in my life anymore who cannot appreciate me for the wonderment I am.

But I am not about to be one of those "always depressed on their birthdays" people because I don't have the time to be depressed. Too many things make me happy all the time for any sadness to linger too long.

My birthday horoscope....

You have a strong and overpowering personality and generally try to get your own way. Oh, what an adventure this brings to life! You are pulled by what inspires you versus what your senses may tell you. Spontaneous by nature, you need to be cautious and careful. You make many friends and few enemies. Although you are reserved and sensitive, you love deeply and wholeheartedly and may find those who understand you best born in September, October, December, January, April and May. Love and affection are in your cards!

Pfft! Bollucks...the whole lot, aye?

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