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"Ask me and I'm there because I care"

2004-07-02 & 3:59 p.m.

Fleetwood Mac was awesome. Of course! I wish I could think of something better than awesome to say because that sounds like the 12 year olds that bombard me at every Dave Matthews and John Mayer concert I go to.

I must say I did have a heart attack moment during the show when Stevie walked out in the red cape because RED CAPE MEANS......SARA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stevie has said before that she would NEVER perform Sara live again. I was in heaven even if it meant that they knocked Gypsy out to play it.

I think that the Fleetwood Mac played a big part in my vagina healing. I seriously do. Some Stevie, Lindsay, Mick and John do a vagina good.

My concert going companion was not the greatest this time. First off she dressed in sweats. Who wears sweats to a Fleetwood Mac concert? I was all decked out in my "Gypsy" gear, complete with scarf and shawl. Secondly, her back was hurting so there was the constant complaining about that and the need for beer to wash down her Percoset. The need for beer required leaving our seats and going to the designated beer garden for her to drink beer. She didn't know any songs really so she thought it appropriate to just get up any time. One of those times was during "Big Love" which is one of my favorites. "Oooh Aaahhhh Ooohh Aaahhh"

Anyways, I tried to enjoy my time despite my company, as I always do. And if Fleetwood Mac is there and they are playing music you can pretty much walk away with a written guarentee that I am going to have a good time.

Another complaint......

I must have heard a million and a half people say, "Look at Stevie....god, she got fat." I wanted to bitchslap every last one of them. She is healthy, clean and sober. Who cares if the hard rock and roll life she lived left a few pounds behind. I am just glad that they are together and on tour. I think Stevie looks beautiful and would never guess in a million years she just turned 56. Now shut up and enjoy the fucking show.

SARA by Fleetwood Mac

Hold on

The night is coming and the starling

flew for days

I'd stay home at night all the time

I'd go anywhere, anywhere

Ask me and I'm there because I care

Sara, you're the poet in my heart

Never change, never stop

And now it's gone

It doesn't matter what for

When you build your house

I'll come by

Drowning in the sea of love

Where everyone would love to drown

And now it's gone

It doesn't matter anymore

When you build your house

Call me home

All I ever wanted

Was to know that you were dreaming

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