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2004-06-14 & 12:32 a.m.

I went to a wedding this weekend. A wedding where I didn't really know anyone but my sister and her ex-boyfriend who were in the wedding. I felt much like Annell in Steel Magnolias when she goes to Shelby's wedding in the beginning when she doesn't really know anyone there. I also felt like I was in Steel Magnolias because I was reminded of the scene where Claree and Truvy are talking about Janice VanMeeter and her lack of girdle. I witnessed a few people who should not have "left home without lycra on their thighs". I saw a few women who "looked like two pigs fightin' under a blanket".

This is not the only time this weekend I found myself referencing Steel Magnolias. Funny how your favorite movies end up creeping their way into your subconcious and how they become recurring themes in your everyday experiences.

Anyways, I digress as always. I went to the wedding to be moral support to Allie. Her ex-boyfriend's sister was getting married and Allie was a bridesmaid. Her exes' new girlfriend was there and this was high drama. I am not going into details because frankly, I got enough of them this weekend. Not from Allie but from the sheer nerve of this woman and the way she treated my sister and the family and friends of the bride. It was appalling and disrespectful. I am glad that there was noone like that at my wedding......oh wait yeah there was. But whatever, that's water under the Polish bridge, if you catch my drift.

I watched Love Actually for the first time this weekend and I knew I would like it because I really just find myself loving all things Hugh Grant and all things Colin Firth. I am thinking that would just be a most delicious English man sandwich to be in between.

I am rather distressed by this whole visiting Chicago thing because for the last two weeks, I have missed Queer as Folk. I would be completely overjoyed and probably would flood my panties with piss (or another bodily fluid if you catch my drift) if someone perchance might have them on tape and would be willing to mail them to me. I would love you forever really and I would promise to be your best friend forever and ever and ever and ever...uh, you get the drift.

This weekend has also been filled with some e-drama galore. I am just noticing that some people have a talent of creating drama. I find it funny. My sisters have recently graduated from college and have moved away but yet there has been some flaming of one of them on a blog of a faculty member by someone from a rival social group.(social groups=greek syster at their small Iowa school) This was high drama my friends. So being the internet drama queen I love to be I tossed my hat in the ring. I just find it so funny how carried away some people get.

When I return home, I just might go through drama withdrawl. But I will live...there is always e-drama to create and jump into.

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