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You've Got Splinters In The Windmills Of Your Mind

2004-02-18 & 12:05 a.m.

There I got THAT off my chest I can resume my regular programming.

People of the worlds jump on start a pug humping train...a pug humping train...YEAAAHHH!!! Grommit is humping Sophie and Stewart is humping Grommit. It is a pug humping train. Although this means Grommit is bisexual. I had previously thought he was gay because he would only hump the males. So Grommit is bi and Stewart is as well. I have taught my boys well. In the hippie house of Fargahar, we like to practive Free Love, baby. My flower children pugs are learning well. Poor Sophie though, she has a violated look on her face. "I'm gonna need a rape kit in curtain two" (Sorry they always say that on ER and that is what I thought of. I am not meaning to make rape jokes cause really that's not funny.)

Nostalgia always seems to get the best of me sometimes. Today I was strong and I stood my ground against the nostalgia demons while I was at the Red Light Used Clothing Store on Broadway. There were several things I was tempted to buy. I mean, how does one pass up a shirt with ALF on it saying, "Here Kitty Kitty"..?? Huh? I did though. I am strong. I did not cave in to my inner demons. I also did not purchase a Strawberry Shortcake shirt. (And not one of those NEW ones that Hot Topic tries to pass off as vintage...and ACTUAL REAL Vintage Strawberry Shortcake shirt.) And lastly I was able to resist, and this one was the hardest, a Corey Hart t-shirt. I KNOW!!! I am a fucking American Gladiator.

If anyone hadn't figured it out, the Rumours entry was this writing game I found where you take an album and write a story using song titles. I left a few out and wanted to see if anyone noticed. Pandionna got one of them but the other one is still up for grabs. But anyways it is a fun game to play with your favorite albums and a good way to exercise your creativity. Not that my creativity is some fat ass sitting on the sofa in my brain. My creativity is more like a hyperactive gerbil running on an exercise wheel in my brain.

I really trully love my Seattle house right now but I miss my kitties. LOTS. I was gone in Chicago for a week and then I was only home for 3 days and now I am here. I need some kitty lovin'. There is a kitty here, Jho Bob, and he is a totally awesome cat but he is one of those cats that says,"Fuck This" and leaves to go outside every morning. My cats sleep in, come lay with me, purr while I pet them and like to sit near the computer while I am wasting my life away reading diaries and commenting my little heart out. My kitties love me. AND right now I have had it up to here (points towards her non-existent eyebrows) with dogs. I am dogged out man. I need a dog vacation. Okay not all dogs...not Charlie. I never need a Charlie vacation. I definitely need a BRYNN-ectomy right now. I feel like her bony pointer ass is permanently attached to mine and right now I am going to cut her off with a dull rusty knife. I have had it. She is especially needy lately...probably because I was on vacation and now we are in a strange house but it is getting on my last fucking nerve. GRRR...I am so not a dog person right now...except for Pooh.

Post Script: I will now, if possible, add links to the audio of the song lyrics I post on the left of this page. The pages left...your right. HA HA

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