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Useless peice of the world wide web....

2004-01-09 & 9:45 p.m.

YAY! Celebrity Poker Challenge Final on Tuesday! Can I get a "Hey YA" raise the roof!!??

No...noone...alrighty then.

That survey I filled out earlier is sure spreading like an STD at a frat house. But I always have been a trendsetter. (I know I wasn't the first to fill it out but Trin stole it from me and then she linked me and me alone so I am the official trendsetter.) When I wore pinstripe pants a few months ago, people were pointing and laughing. Laugh then, wearing them now aren't ya?

I thought so.

I just finished with my cat whore job a few hours ago. It is funny my pats run up to me and hiss when I get home. Traitors!!!!!!!!! They also sniff my pants and then make that face where they open their mouths part way as if to absorb the smell or something. (Cat owners know of what I speak.) That always makes me laugh like a hyenna, or giggle like a school girl, take your pick.

So I originally thought I like Carson from Queer Eye the best but I decided officially tonight I like Ted the best. The reasons are three fold:

1) he reminds me of Ted from Queer as Folk and I seem to love me some gay guys named Ted

2) How gay man sexy he looked with those glasses on...

3) He cooks...DUH!

So Ted will be mine and the rest of the world can worship Carson. (And for those chucklers/non're missing out. I enjoy The Husband 2.0: Metrosexual Edition far better than The Husband 1.0: Heterosexual Plaid Flannel Version)

The husband and I were just discussing the movie I want to watch tonight which doesn't work on our fucking XBOX but thanks to tubaboy I know I am not alone. But the husband was saying he wanted to play his video game for a while. He said to me," But what about my game? I want to play for a half hour or so." Me- "Yeah so it is only 10 pm baby...I'm just getting going. I will watch the movie at midnight or something." H- "Okay..." (with a look)Seriously people when/if you ever get the oppurtunity to be unemployed (which I highly recommend if you can afford it), you discover what your true internal timeclock is and mine is up til 3 sleep till 11. This works perfectly for me. It is my "circadian rythum" (is that what it's called??) Unfortunately the husband does work (sorry babe) and his rythum is not the same. He is sleepy. Poor baby... :(

What a useless peice of the world wide web this has been....

Oh wait...I forgot the Friday Five.

What one thing are you most looking forward to . . .

1. Reading Elizabeth's blog and imagining her and my sister Allie dancing to "Luka" 2. ...over the next week? Cleaning out my closet. Playing volleyball again. 3. ...this year? Tricia's wedding...three cheers for the drunken hot bridesmaid!!! Yeah that'll be me!!! 4. ...over the next five years? Possibly spewing forth a spawn from my loins 5. ...for the rest of your life? being happy

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