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Somebody get me outta here....

2003-11-30 & 12:32 a.m.

"So drunk and still drinking...." Dave Matthews "Some Devil"

I did not want to be in my house tonight. I did not want to be around my husband or dogs. I wanted to go out and party. Unfortunately, I am a 23 year old married woman. All I knew was I wanted to get out of here.

So I went over to my friends house and we polished off a half empty bottle of vodka and a half full bottle of Coconut Rum. And we watched tv...YAY!

Is it so wrong of me to want to party like in college??? I did not get the college experience. I have only drank to the point of vomiting twice. I want to play drinking games. I want to find myself on a "Girls Gone Wild" that so wrong?

Meanwhile I was subjected to the most boring day ever. Seriously... sleeping, working out, eating chinese. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH! I am barely suprised I am able to maintain my sanity. And to top it all off it makles for a great diary entry.

I am thinking of being "Scroogy" this year. I am not into Christmas. Maybe it is because I am unemployed and not feeling into the whole Christmas spending thing. But I drove by the mall today and took one look at all the cars and people and said,"FUCK NO!" I cannot do lines. I cannot do driving around looking for parking. I love shopping...but I valet people. I am a professional. Unfortunately, The Ghettowood mall I live by does not offer valet. If I want to shop and valet I have to drive 20 miles from here. It is just not worth it. And everything goes on sale after Christmas. I will just send everyone a card with an IOU for the after holiday sales. How does that sound?

Also I am taking a cue from Weetabix and if you want to start up a card exchange email me and we can do the card thing...I like doing my Christmas cards. That I can get into the Christmas spirit about.

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