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Drunken Bitch

2003-11-16 & 12:40 a.m.

"Anyone here four hours into a game of Monopoly....(throws the board up)...FUCK THIS GAME! It's four in the morning Grandma...YOU WIN!!!! I'm sitting here on Baltic with crap, I'm paying Luxury Tax out the ass."-Dane Cook

The husband is still at atheist Board Game night. I just called him and he's all referring to alcohol by its first name. It's weird what he acts like when he's trying to be cool. He's all,"I'm justing waiting for the 'Curevo" I drank to wear off." Excuse me what?? since when does he drink Cuervo? Since when does he call alcohol by its first name? Since when is he having a good time drinking? Every time he's gotten drunk in my presence he passes out but not before subjecting me with offers of a sexual nature.(And hell no..I don't have that kind of time.) Here he calls me after having some "Cuervo" and is trying to tell me how lovely the curtains and paint are at the atheist house. So great when my husband drinks he turns into some interior designer....all of my dreams have come true. Now I will have to spike the milk.

"Look I am French...I am giving a cigarette to a baby." -Robin Williams

My spot on the couch has been stolen by Brynn the wonder pointer. Oh well. I will probably go to bed soon. I just have to wait for the husband to call so I can calm the Orcs (dogs..see previous entry for explanation) from going apeshit because they hear the garage door opener.

The husband and I got into a disagreement earlier because he was mad at me for being an asshole. I am sorry that I am an asshole. His problem was that I told him I was too cool for his friends. Sorry but it is true..or at least in my world it is. I will not apologize for this. From the sampling he has given me (we had "movie night" one week) there was a creepy pedophile "hey kid I've got candy in my rickety van" type, there was a nerdy pocket protector jeans up to his man tits nerdy guy, a hippie couple one of whom..the man...was wearing a kilt and started sobbing during the movie. Come on dear, if you want me to be impressed by your friends you are supposed to bring me the cream of the crop. Not the bottom of the barrel.

God I am a bitch....oh well. That is your problem...not mine....

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