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Retail Whoredom and Unemployment Boredom

2003-11-12 & 11:15 a.m.

I am overwhelmed by the prospect that in this wonderful holiday season the only way I will be able to afford life will be to submerge myself in a job in retail hell. Should I sell out? So do I want to wear an apron and rub lotion on a nasty old woman's at Bath and Body Works? Do I want to help 50 year old women find the perfect flannel shirt and corduroy pants to match their new penny loafers at Eddie Bauer? Do I want to be a Gap employee (I think that says enough in itself)? The mere thought of having peices of my brain eaten away by 14 year old conversation that occurs at the mall is frightening. What is a girl to do? I quite like being unemployed most of the time. If only it was a paying gig....

I played volleyball last night and I am quite proud of myself for my play. My husband came to watch for the first time so I would have either played like shit or played really well to impress him. I was feeling really nauseous (No goddamit I am not pregnant Ty, Tara, Mark and anyone else who says that!) so therefore I was a little weak and we started a new offense last night where I was the only setter on the court so I had to hustle my ass from wherever I was on the court to the setter position. I did pretty well and playing like that 3 times a week will whip my ass into shape. (BTW why is it that when a woman is nauseous she is pregnant...come on people let's be a little more original....) The husband was impressed overall because I was telling him I was good but he did not really realize how good until he saw me in action.

Now I have to decide if I want to call my friend back and go with her to take the dogs to the dog park. I dunno I need to think about it because I am still a little "off".

I'm gonna go drop a note to Dangerspouse and remind him to not forget the little people who read him back then now that he is a big shot being recommended by UncleBob.

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