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Veteran's Day

2003-11-11 & 2:28 p.m.

Dammit, it is Veteran's Day..I cannot go to the bank. (not that I do not respect the Veterans-I just really needed to the bank to pay the husband's credit card.) Actually since it is Veteran's Day I will send a Shout Out to my friend Todd in the USMC. (I still remember how cool you looked gettin' down at my wedding in the dress blues)

Anyways I realized that I suck at laundry even more than Weetabix if that is at all possible. Actually the husband and I are known to get all the laundry clean but just leave it unfolded in the laundry baskets and then wear the clothes from there. (Wrinkles, eh! who cares?- actually we iron a lot) But what is funny is when all the baskets are full we are known to run out to Target to get another laundry basket. Or worse if the hamper is full we will go buy another hamper. We are sad individuals.

Stewart is back on the shit list. While I was in the shower he busted the pantry open and he tried to first break into a box of powdered milk but when that was too hard he got the Cheetos down. I had to try really hard not to laugh at him when I caught him with his head stuck in the bag because the laughter would have been positive reinforcement. Meanwhile I am giving him the bad dog treatment which requires me to constantly baby Grommit and Brynn and tell them what good dogs they are while I ignore Stewart and tell him to get out of my sight. He is sitting in the corner practicing his wounded look. I mightbe going overboard but hey man those were my Cheetos!!!!!! What if there is a Cheeto needed emergency (ie PMS) and the Cheetos are all gone now?

I am going to go wander around the mall and try to see if there is anywhere worthy of me working there for the holiday season. But before that I wil go Google: Mafia hitmen to kill your dog. :)

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